Hamptons Style Kitchens

Hamptons Style Kitchens

Hamptons Style Kitchens

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, so if you're looking to Hamptons Style your house where better place to start?  But don't worry, creating a Hamptons style kitchen doesn't always require a complete refurb, new units and appliances. There are much easier and cost-effective ways to bring laid-back Hamptons vibes into your kitchen space without a full renovation. 

Let's start with the units. White shaker style cabinetry with glass panelling is classic to the traditional Hamptons style kitchen, although these days, contemporary tweaks can be made to bring the design into the 21st century. Modern Hamptons style kitchens center around simple white cabinet doors and slimline white stone or wooden bench tops. If your cabinets are in good shape, a repaint in neutral colours and a new work top can truly transform your space.

Playing with colour and adding taupe, blue, grey, green or even black cabinetry in part of the kitchen is a great way to make your space unique. Combined with marble or wooden bench tops, wooden floors, white ceramic tiles and the introduction of a kitchen island with stools for pre-dinner cocktails (space permitting), it doesn't take much to complete a modern Hamptons style kitchen.

Pendant lights over the kitchen island are a great way of defining the style of your home, and oversized glass lanterns and elaborate chandeliers give a classic opulence to the space. Nautical themed lights are also hugely popular in a Hamptons style kitchen, paying homage to the seaside life of the Hamptons area, which was made up of fishing villages prior to the arrival of the wealthy New Yorkers.

Hampton style kitchen rugs

Adding a runner rug (or larger if the space allows it), to your kitchen is a great way of creating a little more comfort whilst adding some extra depth and opulence. The feel of a nice soft rug under your feel in the mornings or whilst cooking is lovely, and your pets will be happy to keep you company too!

Rugs in the kitchen may sound like a cleaning nightmare, but because our Weaver Green rugs are made from recycled plastic bottles, they're stain-resistant and incredibly easy to clean, so you don’t have to panic about the inevitable spills. Best of all they dry quickly, so your rug can be back on the floor within a couple of hours.

When choosing a Hamptons kitchen rug, look for our more heavy duty designs, such as the Kasbah, Nomad, Juno, Andalucia, Iris, Maxime and Medina ranges.

Teal Juno Runner Rug

Make your Hamptons style kitchen quintessentially you

The lived in feel that is so important to creating an authentic coastal Hamptons style kitchen, means the faded vintage look of our Andalucia Cadiz rug, or the subtle tones of the Tarifa Nomad would work perfectly too.

At the end of the day, this is your home, and if something else that isn’t traditionally Hamptons, like the pale pink hue of our Shell Iris rug, the bright yellow Gooseberry or our Moroccan style Medina Tangier takes your fancy, then go for it. Make your Hamptons style kitchen quintessentially YOU.

Hampton style table linen

Last but not least, if you can't afford to upgrade your kitchen table, or are looking for easier ways to transform your kitchen, our Hamptons style table linen is perfect for introducing neutral off-white tones, classy greys and soft nautical blues. From tablecloths to napkins and aprons, these fabulous French linen style accessories can be used to completely transform an old table or dining space. Best of all, they're stain-resistant, machine washable and quick drying meaning you can have them back on your table after a red wine spillage in no time at all.

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