Outdoor picnic cushions
Great cushions shouldn’t cost the earth. Our gorgeous collection of heavy and lightweight cushions look and feel just like wool but are made entirely recycled bottles. Soft, easy to clean and hard-wearing, they’re perfect for using all around the home and also make wonderful outdoor cushions on a garden chair or sofa.

Stain-resistant, machine washable and weatherproof, these practical, fully recycled cushions are great for pet owners, allergy sufferers and clumsy drinkers. They’re also handy in households accustomed to small children who can’t tell soft furnishings from a piece of paper.

Know your weave: Our Nomad and Provence are made using the same thick, tightly woven textiles that we use for our rugs, making them particularly hard-wearing and great for outdoor use. Our Diamond and Oxford Stripe cushions are made from our lighter blanket weave which, while still suitable for outdoor use, makes them softer and better suited to life indoors.

Our cushions come in a range of styles, colours and sizes (including fabulous floor cushions) that go perfectly with our beautiful rugs and blankets.

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