Dining Room Rugs

These beautiful dining room rugs are perfect for protecting your dining room floor or adding a cosy soft layer under your dining table. Featuring our toughest weaves and most durable designs, a dining room rug helps extend the lifespan of your floor by mopping up spillages whilst taking the brunt of chairs being dragged in and out.

Stain-resistant, machine washable and soft like wool, it's hard to believe these gorgeous dining room rugs are all made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. Available in a big range of designs and colours, each rug comes in a choice of sizes, including extra-large 3-metre dining rugs that make perfect statement pieces.

Our dining room area rug collection includes best-selling boho-style Andalucia Paloma rugs, Moroccan-inspired Medina Tangier rugs and vibrant kilim Nomad Patara rugs.