dove grey weaver green blanket

You wouldn't know it to touch or feel them, but these gorgeous soft blankets are hand-woven from up to 300 recycled plastic bottles each. A great choice for sofas and beds, these cosy, warm blankets can also be used outdoors for picnicsbeach days and on long summer nights staring at the stars.

Stain-resistant and easy to clean, our beautiful blankets are a great choice for busy homes. Also moth resistant and completely uninteresting to dust mites and other critters, these eco-friendly blankets are a favourite with allergy sufferers.

Practical, machine washable and hard-wearing, our recycled blankets come in a range of colours and designs that go perfectly with our matching cushions and rugs.

Please note - our blankets feature an open weave that makes them soft to touch, this also means that the yarn may be susceptible to snagging, particularly if clawed by mischievous cats or dogs.  

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