Irresistible Handwoven Rugs

Irresistible Handwoven Rugs

Irresistible, handcrafted, ethically made rugs

We love that our beautiful range of indoor/outdoor rugs provides a fabulous way to recycle plastic bottles, helping to reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in the world’s oceans and landfill. However it’s equally important to us that our hand-woven rugs are crafted ethically, by artisans working with weaving partners who are committed to fair working conditions. 

We source our recycled rugs, cushions, blankets and bags from around the world, including Turkey, Scandinavia and India. All of our suppliers are small, family owned cooperatives that are committed to employing skilled adults, who are paid fairly and enjoy comfortable and fair working conditions, which ensures that our textiles have been crafted without child labour.

Wherever possible we make sustainable, ethical choices. From production to packaging, we try to eliminate waste and keep our carbon footprint low. Our amazing recycled yarn is produced using closed water systems that constantly recycles, purifies and reuses the same water. We heat our dying vats by burning unwanted rice and wheat husks purchased from local cereal farmers and use low emission chimneys to reduce pollution. We even use non-toxic dyes to make ensure the end product is as close to a luxurious, natural textile as possible. 

As we grow, our processes evolve and as we learn more about turning plastic into wool-like yarn we find ways of being even more sustainable and better for the planet. Read all about what we are doing and how we do it, here

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