Choosing The Right Floor Rug Size For Your Space

Choosing The Right Floor Rug Size For Your Space

Choosing the correct rug size isn't as simple as it seems. A rug is often the finishing touch to your newly decorated room or the ideal accessory when it feels like something is missing. Finding the right size rug is as equally important as the design, colour, and placement; when it comes to rugs, size matters, and bigger is not always better.

Some make a common mistake when purchasing a rug by choosing the wrong size; too small and your rug will become lost, too big, and you run the risk of overpowering your room. Here we discover the best rug sizes for rooms throughout the home and how best to place your rug.

Know your space

Before choosing a rug, it is important to consider the overall space. Plan the positioning of your furniture before deciding on a rug. Work out where your rug will have the most impact, whether it will be a stand-alone piece or placed under furniture and what colours and designs will work well with your existing interiors. People often assume one standard rug size will work in every room; not true; every area in the home has its unique dynamic; a variety of sizes should be considered throughout, demonstrating real thought and perspective.

A rug is so much more than just a beautiful accessory, it can set the tone of the whole room, create harmonious zones and is often the main focal point.

The best rug size for your lounge

Choosing the best rug size for your living room can be straightforward when you know what to look for. First things first, work out where you want to place your rug, whether that’s the centre of the room, underneath the sofa, a coffee table or maybe partially under the legs of your couch. Standard lounge rugs typically range between small (240cm x 170cm), medium (300 x 250cm) and large (450cm x 300cm).

General rules to consider:

  • Always choose a size that suits the shape of your room; for example, with a long rectangular space, choose a long rectangular rug, so this mirrors the flow of your space
  • If placing your rug under a couch or item of furniture, allow for an overlap of 15 - 20cm on each side
  • Make sure your rug runs the length of your sofa
  • Ensure there is at least a 45 - 67cm gap between your rug and furniture, 75cm is better when you have larger pieces and bigger rooms
  • If you are unsure what rug size you need, bigger is better; a rug that’s too small will get lost alongside other furnishings, especially if you opt for a something with a bold design

All in

For those who have ample open-plan space, having your furniture legs and bases on your rug can add impact; this could be your sofa, side table, pouffe and coffee table. This layout works well if you are trying to create a defined seating area but remember, you need the space and a large rug, ideally 450cm x 300cm. Your furniture needs to sit comfortably on a rug with plenty of space around the outskirts.

Meeting halfway

If you have your sofa or furniture back against a wall, having just the front legs on the edge of your rug creates the illusion that your space is bigger. This style works well in enclosed rooms. If choosing this layout, be mindful of wobbly legs and use pads on your furniture legs if needed. Again, stick to the general spacing rules depending on the size of the furniture you are placing your rug on.

Coffee tables

For those of you with a coffee table, you may add a rug underneath to enhance the central space; this is an excellent interior decision for those with smaller rooms. When choosing a coffee table rug size, get the perfect balance by ensuring there is a generous overlap to surround your table.

Tip: A great way to determine the perfect size rug for your lounge is to take some tape and map out the rug's space. We find a good rule of thumb is to aim to have an overlap that’s roughly equal to half the shorter edge of the table on each of the four sides.

What is the ideal dining room rug size?

Dining room rugs are great for creating impact in an area where you can socialise and enjoy gorgeous food. Mirroring is essential when choosing a dining room rug; always choose a rug the same shape as your table.

If you’re struggling to decide what rug size you need for your dining room, aim for at least 75cm of extra rug space around your table on all sides to ensure diners don’t get their chair legs caught on the edge of the rug. Having a large rug under the dining table creates a sense of a bigger space while protecting your floor and adding some warmth and comfort underfoot.

If you have an extendable dining table, don't forget to consider this when picking out the perfect-sized dining room rug.

Tip: When choosing a dining room rug, go for one which is stain-resistant and easy to clean; this will make all of the potential dinner mishaps such as spilt red wine so much easier to clean up.

Your perfect bedroom rug size

Just as you have with your lounge, consider your bed and furniture layout and positioning before choosing your bedroom rug size. Determine if your rug will rest under your bed or be placed individually.

Under the bed

For those wanting to create a feeling of calm and balance in your place of sleep, placing your rug under your bed is perfect. There is nothing nicer than waking up each morning with a warm feeling underfoot, ready to start the day. For a standard double bed, choose a medium rug of at least 300 x 250cm; this should allow for space on either side. If you are wondering what size rug should go under a queen or king-size bed, aim for a larger rug of 450cm x 300cm.

Bedroom runners

A great alternative to a rug under your bed is a bedroom runner. You can either place a twin set of runners in unison on each side of the bed or just on one side; either way, you will add a depth to your bedroom space, particularly when contrasted against hard floors. A standard size of 240cm x 70cm would work perfectly in any bedroom space.

For the great outdoors

If you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful decking area or veranda, adding an outdoor rug and furnishings can create additional living space in the backyard. The same principles apply when choosing the right outdoor rug size. Choose a size which allows for adequate space around your furniture, avoid too big or too small and map the area out before buying.

Other things to consider when choosing your rug

Choosing the right size rug is an important and often overlooked part of the decision making process. Once you’re confident about the size you need, take time to learn and examine your space and decide carefully what design would suit the desired look you seek. Pattern, texture, and colour all play an equal part in choosing the rug for you. It’s also important to choose a high-quality, practical rug that will stand the test of time.

To fit the different needs of every home, our rugs come in a variety of sizes. Read our Ethical Home Styling blog to find out more about how Weaver Green textiles tick all the boxes for sustainable, practical, and beautiful interior products.

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